Finding the Evidence: Literature Searching Tools in Support of Systematic Reviews

( Last Updated : November 26, 2021)

CADTH’s skilled Information Specialists use a variety of searching aids to perform their comprehensive searches. These same tools are being shared with other Canadian librarians to help them conduct literature searches for systematic reviews and health technology assessments (HTAs).

CADTH Information Services Tools

~ Valuable, practical aids for librarians everywhere ~

CADTH’s grey literature checklist is a useful tool for navigating literature that is not commercially published.  

This checklist can be used to enhance the quality, results, and evaluation of literature searches.

A sample of search filters developed and maintained by the Information Services Team at CADTH

Other Research and Resources

Grey Literature

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Peer Review of Search Strategies

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PRESS Forum website.  A forum for librarians to request and conduct peer reviews of search strategies.

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Search Development

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Other Resources

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Training Sessions

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